EU adopts equivalence decisions for Covid certificates from Turkey, North Macedonia and Ukraine

The European Commission adopted three decisions on Thursday guaranteeing that Covid-19 certificates issued by Turkey, North Macedonia and Ukraine will be considered equivalent to EU certificates.

“This means that these countries will be connected to the EU system and that their Covid certificates will be accepted in the EU, from tomorrow, under the same conditions as the EU digital Covid certificate,” the Commission said in a press release. .

At the same time, it is added, the three countries have agreed to recognize the EU’s Covid digital certificate.

“I am happy to see that the list of countries implementing a system based on the EU’s Covid digital certificate continues to grow and that we are setting standards internationally. This will help facilitate safe travel, also beyond the borders of our Union ”, welcomed the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, quoted in the press release.

The three equivalence decisions adopted by the Commission will enter into force on August 20 and will be available online, according to the EU executive.

The European Commission, which has already concluded a first equivalence agreement with Switzerland, says it continues to cooperate with other third countries to connect them to the EU system.

The EU’s digital Covid certificate, which entered into force on July 1, is available in digital or paper format and contains a QR code. It certifies that its holder has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, that he has recently received the result of a negative screening test, or that he has recovered from the infection.

It aims to facilitate free movement within the EU and to avoid restrictions such as quarantines on arrival, but member states may reintroduce such measures in the event of a deterioration of the epidemiological situation, in particular due to the spread variants.

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