Exclusive: Raja Koduri to Look For CE New Deals with Intel


Recently SMO Who Announced the Raja Koduri story left AMD, we have an exclusive update tracking. Sources of close affiliates informed his Raja Koduri giving me CE soon to play the role with Intel and to be released soon.

Raja Koduri EZ join Intel: provide high value for CE for synergy Between Intel Radeon chips is artificial intelligence for itself

Is this in very Interesting Developing Jr Raja can add a tremendous value to Intel’s latest initiatives, such as the Kaby Lake G series with integrated Radeon graphics and adventures or artificial intelligence which include Cip Nervana and autonomous driving applications. Judging by your letter from VASA areas of the key can be on the Foreign Software (is the driver?).

Intel NVIDIA is being recorded in Multiple Ways. Raja Koduri Was Essential Vega for Development, his Engineering Experience demonstrated to the critical ZA of the latest Intel Company. Intel is a recently signed contract with AMD how to bi-GPU Radeon installed its own design into its KBL-G product line, what it means to Synergy with an x86 companion or peak. Although CE has benefited from Selling Intel AMD Full AM processors benefit from DES, Jr CE has given cake. The only cabinet or equation is NVIDIA.

Raja Koduri has joined S and leading Intel, Intel Ce Moci to optimize the development of its KBL-G as an effort IMA Great Experience or HBM Handling Design I Quit. In fact, it is almost certain that AMD Intel has helped integrate DOK’s initial agreement. Intel is mainly focused on the philosophy of integrated combining design and IP Raja Je for the best solution from it.