Face-Eating Florida Student Austin Harrouff Apologizes To The Families Of Victims In New Video


A former-FYU student who was accused in the deaths of a couple last August when he was caught chewing the face of the man said he feels sorry for what occurred in a recently released video.

Prosecutors from Martin County on Tuesday had released copies of Austin Harrouff’s interview with Dr. Phil McGraw last fall taped for his “Dr. Phil” show. The show’s segment had never aired.

Original Crime

Authorities stated that Harrouff left dinner with his family at Jupiter’s Duffy restaurant August 14, then walked over to John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon Stevens’ neighborhood, attacking them as they were in their own garage.

Detectives stated that a neighbor of the couple, Jeffrey Fisher, had also been attacked as he attempted to help them. Fisher was released from a local hospital only days after the alleged attack.

The Sherriff of Martin County, William Snyder, said that his deputies came across Harrouff atop Stevens, biting on and pulling out pieces of his face using his teeth.

Snyder also said the initial deputy on the scene attempted to halt Harrouff using a Taser, however it did not stop his attack. Additional deputies, including a K-9 unit, had later arrived and helped overpower him.

Harrouff also said that his actions and the events of that day are “like a blur” to him.

“I don’t think I was thinking straight,” he stated.

Harrouff had been a student at the Florida State University during the time of the attack, and denied that he ever did steroids. Days before the incident, Harrouff uploaded a video on YouTube where he said he decided against being a bodybuilder, and would quit steroids, also stating that he never took bath salts, or flakka, a new drug.


Harrouff stated that he doesn’t recall the moment he came up to the couple, but remembered the woman screaming at him.

“I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and I’m so sorry and I never wanted this to happen,” Harrouff said to McGraw, speaking to the families of the victims. “I’m so sorry.”