Facebook abandons facial recognition

Facebook has just announced that it will stop using facial recognition technology that identifies faces in videos and photos posted on its platform. The Meta-owned social network also said it would erase all facial recognition data accumulated on more than a billion users, according to a statement.

“This change will represent one of the most important developments in terms of the use of facial recognition in the history of this technology,” noted Jerome Pesenti, the company’s vice-president in charge of artificial intelligence.

“More than a third of daily Facebook users have facial recognition enabled and can be recognized,” he added.

“More than a billion digital facial recognition models” will therefore be deleted. The entry into force of this decision will then put an end to certain popular tools of the network, in particular the functioning of the algorithm which guesses the names of the people present in a published photo.

Despite all its virtues, facial recognition however raises “many concerns”, especially as the authorities have not yet provided “clear rules” on its use, said Jerome Pesenti.

“Given the current uncertainty, we believe that limiting the use of facial recognition to a limited number of cases is appropriate.”

Targeted by numerous accusations regarding the security of the data of its users, Facebook was accused once again by the computer scientist Frances Haugen who assured, in front of the American Congress, the European Parliament or the participants of the Web Summit in Lisbon that the social network put its profits before the safety of users.


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