Facebook Announce Massive Profit From Advertising


Facebook profits and revenues have increased in the last 3 months, as money from advertising into the social media firm as more users still keep on using the website.

About two billion people which are nearly quarter of the entire world’s inhabitant and a large number of these users log in on a daily basis.

The company said profits climbed up to $9.3bn (£7.09bn) from April to June, climbing 45% year-after-year.
Revenues rose from 71% to $3.9bn.

Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook in 2004, said “We recorded an awesome second quarter and first half period of the year.”

Facebook in recent time has been creating more room for advertising and also more users, as it plans on how to make more profits from its other social media sites, such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

More Revenue For Instagram

The firm disclosed that Instagram has contributed to its high growth, although its news feed at the centre of Facebook is still its biggest revenue generator.

“Companies were trying various advertising layout inside Facebook’s site, like Tropicana brand discovered that six-second ads provided them more reliable result compared to longer versions,” The Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said.

Facebook continues to rival Snapchat, a site well-known by younger social media audience, which focuses on the idea of “stories”, a series of messages projected to attract users within 24 hours.

Other social media platform such as WhatsApp and Instagram are now providing the exact features.

The Facebook stake has increased a lot this year, climbing to 3.6% in after-hours trade.

The firm said phone ads gave them 87% of its advertising profit of $9.16bn, up from 84% last year.