Facebook Drops App Over Poor Rating


Facebook has removed video-focused app aimed at under-21s just a year after it went live.

Lifestage was created to link students attending the same college or university, so they can connect with each other via their post.

But right now it’s facing backlash due to limited privacy restriction and a “complex” user interface.

The company told Business Insider it had “learned so much” from the app and soon it will integrate it into the Facebook platform.

Lifestage was invented by a product manager that was just a teen when it launched on the iOS App Store in 2016.
Users were asked to reply personal questions through a footage replies and in return were presented with emoji graphics for participating.

The app was supposed to be restricted to only people under the age of 21, however, there was no way that the app could detect if a user is older.

The app was launched for Android during October 2016 although it didn’t get a lot of response from the audience.
It joins a long list of various apps from the company that has been dropped. The rest are:

List Of Dropped Apps

Groups – a standalone means to join general-interest communities and to plan events with folks and families
Poke – an icon to send messages to folks that are offline after 10 seconds
Slingshot – a messaging aid that allows members draw on top of videos and photo they choose to send to each other.
Paper – is a news reading app, its style of design mainly formed the groundwork for Facebook’s Instant post Articles.
Notify – a means to create fresh story notifications from plenty of publishers.

Riff – a video-sharing clip service in which members can create on the clips posted by each of their folks