Fireball observed going across the western skies of the U.S


Astronomers have opined that the bright light that was observed to streak across the night sky on Tuesday was ‘most likely’ a meteor.

The illumination was captured by the city of Phoenix by one of its cameras that were set to be used to monitor the skies. The video captured then shared on Twitter.

Shown in the video is the depiction of a glowing and large bulb that comes to vision in the top-right frame, it then fades out of vision in about three seconds after appearing. In the video also is a smaller light that can be noticed in the frame’s lower area off around the horizon.

The event occurred at about 8:30 p.m. M.T

Over 100 reports were received by the American Meteor Society from Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and California on Tuesday.

“Judging from the speed and every other observed quality, this was, without doubt, a meteor and not a mere piece of celestial junk,” Laurence Garvie stated, a curator in the Center for Meteorite Studies in Arizona State University.

Meteor said to be relatively small

From the analysis the meteor was described as a bolide, a type of meteor that is essentially is comprised of a fireball that bursts in a bright ending flash as reported by the American Meteor Society.

“This meteor from review can’t be said to be huge. I am going to go on and guess that after it went about five feet across.”

The video gotten from the Phoenix City Hall displays a bright light that flashes over the skyline of the Phoenix.

An astronomer that is in partnership with the Lowell Observatory, Nick Moskovitz agreed that the meteor couldn’t be said to be big despite the fact that it shone brightly.

Debris was believed to be left by the meteor at the Flagstaff and the interstate 17 of Phoenix east, Moskovitz reported.