First ‘black hole’ back light found, consistent with Einstein’s theory of general relativity

Back Light Found – CNN reported Aug. 2 that scientists have detected the light from the back of a black hole for the first time. It is in line with the long-standing predictions of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

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Dan Wilkins

Dan Wilkins, Stanford University astrophysicist and colleagues Observe X-rays emitted by supermassive black holes. located at the center of the galaxy That is 800 million light years from Earth.

These bright lights are unusual. Because although light cannot escape from a black hole The enormous gravitational force surrounding a black hole can heat material millions of degrees. This can emit radio waves and X-rays. Sometimes this super-hot object is launched into space by fast jets. including X-rays and gamma rays.

But Mr. Wilkins noticed a small flash of light. of x-rays which happened later and were of different colors. And they come from the far side of the black hole.

“Any light that enters a black hole will not come out. So we shouldn’t be able to see anything behind a black hole,” research scientist Wilkins. Institute of Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology “Coughley” Stanford University and the National Accelerator Laboratory, SLAC, said the study’s authors.

However, the peculiar nature of black holes makes observations possible.

“The reason we can see is because a black hole is a variable region, the light refracts and the magnetic field revolves around itself,” Wilkins said.

The study was published Wednesday, July 28, in the science journal Nature.

“50 years ago, when astrophysicists began to speculate that How would a magnetic field behave near a black hole? They don’t know One day we may have a technique to observe this directly. and saw Einstein’s theory of general relativity in action.” Roger Blandford, Professor of Physics Stanford University The study’s co-authors stated

An illustration of a black hole. (Image credit: Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library)

einstein theory or the idea that gravity is variable in spacetime. It has been around for a hundred years when new astronomical discoveries have been made.

Some black holes have a corona. Or bright rings form around a black hole as matter falls into that black hole and heats to extreme temperatures. This X-ray light is one way scientists can study and map black holes.

When gas falls into a black hole Temperatures can skyrocket to millions of degrees. causing electrons to separate from atoms which creates a magnetic plasma The black hole’s powerful gravity causes this magnetic field to arc high above the black hole and spin until the magnetic field ruptures.

This is no different from the ring around the sun or the sweltering atmosphere outside. The sun’s surface is covered by a magnetic field. Forming magnetic bands and plumes as they interact with particles in the Sun’s ring. This is why scientists call the ring around a black hole the corona.

“This magnetic field binds and approaches the black hole. It heats everything up and produces these high-energy electrons to produce X-rays,” Wilkins said.

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