First Brexit. Then Trump. Will France be next?


The pollsters were proved dramatically wrong in Britain’s EU referendum decision, with a victory for those wanting a divorce from Europe.
Then, they got it wrong again when it came to the US presidential election fight between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.
Now, analysts are predicting that the disenfranchised set of voters which has already caused two major upsets may well be out in force when it comes to upcoming elections in France and Austria.
Big gains are also now being predicted for anti-immigration parties in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
Marine le Pen, the leader of the National Front, says the same forces which took entrepreneur to a convincing victory in the US will also bring the far right to power in France.
She said that Mr Trump’s remarkable victory has now given the party and its supporters a boost, making “possible what had previously been presented as impossible”.
As well as in the presidential elections in France, the far right is also now expected to make strong gains in Austria, Italy, The Netherlands and Germany.
Referred to as the Devil’s Daughter, because her father Jean-Marie was the founder of the extremist party, Ms le Pen gave up her job as a lawyer to work for the National Front, before finally rising through the ranks to lead the party five years ago.
She has now predicted that her election as French president will be the third act of what she said was now a “global revolution”.
The 48-year-old said: “Donald Trump’s victory was an additional stone in building a new world destined to replace the old one. He made possible what had previously been presented as impossible, so it is really the victory of the people against the elite.”
Even though she has set out policies to remove foreign-born nationals from France, she said her party was not racist. She is proposing to remove those who have not managed to find work within a six month timeframe.
Ms le Pen said she did not believe it was racist to point out that France could not take in the “poverty of the world”, adding that the first priority must always be to look after the people of France before anyone else.
Currently, polls indicate that she will be one of the two final candidates to go head to head next May.

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