Flood waters flooded the “elevator” as high as the middle of the head. Fortunately, the door was opened – narrowly escaped the group (clip)

Flood waters flooded the “elevator” as high as the middle of the head. Fortunately, the door was opened – narrowly escaped the group.

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Flood floods “Elevator” – On August 10, the Mirror released a thrilling clip in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, after widespread flooding. And even in the elevator was flooded with water so high that it almost completely covered the user’s head. Fortunately, the elevator doors were opened and narrowly escaped.

The report said the incident happened around 10 p.m. on Saturday Aug. 7. A clip from a group of four friends was recorded while in an apartment elevator. It revealed that Tony Lu was standing in a corner, but suddenly there was a loud rumbling and violent images flicker.

Not long after, the elevator flooded shoulder height. and is increasing steadily Meanwhile, a friend of the group uses a cell phone for help. and that there is little time left to escape

Tony reveals after the horror with ABC 13 and KCCI that it is like being in a movie. He and his friends go down the elevator to see how severe the flood situation is. After heavy rain, which according to the Bureau of Meteorology, rainfall of more than 130 millimeters was reported.

But Tony’s group hadn’t been able to get out of the way when they saw flood water spilling into the elevator until it reached their necks while waiting for helpers. Tony stated that his brother and another friend helped pull the door and finally got out.

“When I got off the handrail in the elevator trying to open the door. The water rose up to his neck. it’s really high We opened the door and started swimming. When I got out I just couldn’t believe it, it was like what you’d see in the movies,” Tony said.

Flood waters flooded the

Flash flooding from a storm led to dangerous conditions in the city. Nebraska was hit by a storm that brought 3-5inches of rainfall. Credit: Twitter / @kimberlyvilh

Flood waters flooded the

Tony Luu and some friends of his got trapped in an elevator in Omaha, Nebraska as floodwaters suddenly rose in the city. Credit: Instagram / @realtonyluu

Flood waters flooded the

The water reached Luu’s neck before his roommates were able to help rescue the group. The video casually starts with an unsuspecting Luu standing in the lift and smoking his vape while his friend records him saying: “Let me see your best moves impression.” Credit: Instagram / @realtonyluu

almost head high  A group of friends helped to open the door - narrowly escaped.

In the hair-raising video of the incident, his friend was recorded saying, “OK, can you please just hurry?” Luu said by the time first responders arrived, his brother and a third person had managed to get him out by pushing the lifts doors open from the inside. By then he was left having to stand on the lift’s railing to avoid going underwater. /Jacob Buckingham/

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