Former main Monero (XMR) developer Fluffypony arrested on charges of fraud

Fluffypony arrested for fraud

According to a document from the court handling the case, Fluffypony had been the subject of an arrest warrant since July 20: he had been apprehended the same day for suspicion of fraud at the Nashville airport. He was on a private jet bound for Mexico City.

The South African government is at the origin of the mandate: according to investigators Fluffypony would have committed this fraud when he worked for the local company Cape Cookies about ten years ago. The ex-developer of Monero allegedly falsified invoices:

“Spagni intentionally used false information to fabricate invoices […] using details like his company’s VAT number as well as bank account information. Spagni then increased the amounts billed for goods and services. “

In total, the prosecution estimates that Fluffypony could have walked away with nearly $ 100,000 thanks to this fraud.

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Up to 20 years in prison

Fluffypony’s companion, Saskia Spagni, forwarded a message from the ex-developer of Monero, on Twitter:

“Due to a misunderstanding regarding trial dates in an old case, which I have been trying to resolve continuously since 2011, […] I have been found in contempt and am waiting to be extradited. I hope to be able to resolve this misunderstanding soon. In the meantime, my business continues, under the management of my partners. “

On August 5, a hearing will determine whether Fluffypony will be detained. According to the court, he is considered to be at risk of leakage and would own “a significant amount” of crypto assets. He could risk up to 20 years in prison if convicted in South Africa.

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