Former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond faces backlash after “eating ice cream is gay” comment


Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond is facing furious criticism from the LGBT community after saying that he didn’t eat ice cream because he is heterosexual. The presenter, who is now fronting The Grand Tour makes the remark in the sixth episode of the show.

Now, the 47 year olds odd remarks about ice cream have led to a huge backlash on social media. He made the comments in the latest episode of the show, which is on Amazon Prime, in front of a live studio audience.

His supposed joke followed comments from his controversial co-star Jeremy Clarkson that you wouldn’t eat chocolate ice cream in the white leather interior of a Rolls Royce. Mr Hammond replied: “It’s alright, I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.”

Both Mr Clarkson and fellow presenter James May seemed perplexed by what Mr Hammond was trying to say, but there were cheers from the audience. Mr Clarkson asked the crowd why they were applauding, adding: “you’re saying all children are homosexual.”

Mr Hammond then follow this up with: “A grown man eating an ice cream – it’s that way, rather than that way.”

Social media backlash

After the episode was live streamed through Amazon, many on social media say they cannot understand why a homophobic joke was made, and then allowed to air. One person said that statements such as this normalised homophobia and ignorance. Others mocked him, saying that Mr Hammond clearly still thought that he was living in the Fifties and questioning whether the presenter would allow his own children to have ice cream.

However, some people did think that the criticism on Twitter was too much, saying that there were many more problems in the world to worry about.

So far, Mr Hammond has made no further comment about the episode.


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