Foster Child once chained to a Dead Chicken


The kid asserted that since Wanda Sue Larson was a previous Union County social specialist, her collaborators neglected to satisfactorily direct her own particular encourage kids. The social administrations office neglected to check in as frequently on their partner as they would some other family.

Larson and her live-in beau, Dorian Harper, pled blameworthy to numerous kid manhandle accusations a year ago. She was sentenced to 17 months in prison, while Dorian Harper got no less than six years. “She should be in prison for a long, long time,” the kid told neighborhood media a year ago after the curved guardians were sentenced. A representative found the kid, then 11, in 2013. His non-permanent family subjected him to unfeeling misuse — the most peculiar of which was a mystifying discipline in which Harper and Larson affixed him to the entryway patio of their home and made him wear a chicken around his neck.

On top of the wiped out chicken reprimand, the kid had been beaten and starved, and compelled to mull over a story, fastened to part of a railroad tie. The authorities who discovered him said the kid likewise had checks and scars on his body, a broken wrist and a tainted hand, for which Larson never looked for restorative treatment.

“A ton of times I would drain. Now and then they wouldn’t tidy it up. Now and then they couldn’t have cared less, they’d simply abandon it dying,” the kid said. The kid is presently living with another non-permanent family. The couple’s other three encourage kids have likewise been expelled from their care.

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Dennis Spencer
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