FTX Launches Sports and Entertainment Focused NFT Platform in Partnership with Dolphin Entertainment

A partnership for a transparent user experience

On its Twitter account, the FTX company unveiled its partnership with Dolphin Entertainment to create a non-fungible token (NFTs) platform focused on sports and entertainment.

We’re beyond excited to team up with Dolphin Entertainment to create an NFT marketplace for major sports and entertainment brands โ€” including film, television, music, gaming, eSports, culinary, lifestyle and charity industries.

Dolphin Entertainment ๐Ÿค FTXhttps: //t.co/RgKXuWfViF

– FTX (formerly Blockfolio) (@blockfolio) August 2, 2021

The idea of โ€‹โ€‹this association is to combine the specialty of each. FTX will bring its technical knowledge of the cryptocurrency sector and Dolphin Entertainment will provide its experience in public relations as well as marketing.

โ€œWe are excited to build an NFTs platform with Dolphin. Both because of their ability to access content and intellectual property, but also because they are leaders in public relations and influencer marketing, โ€said Brett Harrison, president of FTX.US

The NFTs marketplace will primarily focus on major brands in sports and entertainment. However, the platform will also offer NFTs on brands in the cinema, television, e-sport and even music sectors.

Regarding NFTs, Bill O’Dowd, CEO of Dolphin Entertainment, says:

โ€œBeing able to offer a seamless user experience, where the portfolio and the product are all in one place; allowing the consumer to pay with cryptocurrencies, are huge differentiators that FTX provides. Together with Dolphin’s relationships across the film, television, music, esports and sports industries, this sets our joint offering apart from the rest of the market. “

FTX strengthens its presence in NFTs

The NFT sector is not new to the FTX platform. Indeed, the latter has already launched a similar platform at the beginning of June 2021.

This aims to list NFTs created by FTX and exchangeable for physical goods or real world experiences.

For example, an NFT is redeemable for an in-person lunch or a Zoom chat with Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the CEO of FTX. In addition, these NFTs include caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts and socks bearing the FTX and FTX.US branding.

As a result, FTX continues to diversify into the cryptocurrency industry. After several sponsorship contracts in the field of sport to make itself known, the company continues to deploy in the branch of NFTs. Its growth is therefore not about to stop.

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