Fukuhima could happen here energy sec rick perry warns on us nuclear waste


Rick Perry the energy secretary on Tuesday notified the United States on the potential nuclear disaster that is likely to befall America. He related it to Japan’s fukushima tragedy and said that United State can only escape it if they proffer solution to their nuclear waste.

The president Trump led administration sees nuclear waste solution as a long-delayed plan in storing all the country’s nuclear waste inside Nevada’s Yucca Mountain. This is a facility located deep into the mountain. In reaction to Rick warning, $120 million has been ordered by the White House to continue the licensing of nuclear waste facility, a site that will be permanent for atomic waste that are generated in U.S. Perry also talked about the Nuclear Generating Station in San Onofre, a place with cooling pond where Edison usually store used nuclear fuel rods, this act is very common across the country.

The location of decommissioned station is near America’s busiest highways, the area that is said to be prone to earthquake, just some distance from the Pacific Ocean. The presence of those fuel rods in the cooling pounds region could cause a repeat of what occur at Fukushima in Japan to some extent. Perry updating member of the House Committee said in 2011, after tsunami destroy our generator, leading to failure in the cooling system, this generated heat that meltdown Japan Fukushima nuclear plant.

During the incident, pools in charge of storing used fuel rods got overheated, creating massive radioactive effect that forced the entire people in cities and towns to run for their lives. In fact, a disaster of that measure on California facility is unlikely for it no longer functioning as nuclear reactors. According to Perry, lawmakers have a moral responsibility to find a ending solution to the country’s nuclear waste. He appreciated the long-delayed plan in ensuring storing of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain.

This plan has been flawed by opposition like Nevada lawmakers and some environmentalists. Despite this, many members who prefer safety and want the nuclear waste relocated out of their environs, gave their support.