German too send warships heading for the South China Sea For the first time in almost 20 years

GERMANY ALSO – Aug 3 Reuters reported on Monday, Aug. 2 that Germany had sent a warship to the South China Sea for the first time in nearly two decades, joining other Western nations. to expand the military force in the region Amid growing concerns about China’s territorial ambitions

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China’s claim to the South China Sea and set up military camps on artificial islands in waters rich in natural gas and fisheries.

US Army Shows Strength Against Claims of Chinese Territory It often performs what is known as “Freedom of navigation” by US ships passing near some of the disputed islands. Meanwhile, China opposes the US commitment. It said it did not promote peace or stability.

Washington’s government has placed anti-China at the heart of its national security policy. and it has sought to mobilize allies against what China has described as Beijing’s government’s increasingly straining economic and foreign policy.

An official in the Berlin government said: The German Navy will seize the use of common trade routes. And it is not expected that the German Navy frigates are unlikely to sail through the Taiwan Strait either. which the United States normally does. But the Beijing government condemned

However, the Berlin government made it clear that The mission emphasizes that Germany does not accept China’s claim to South China Sea territory.

Germany is walking a tightrope between stability and economic gain. Because China has become the most important trading partner of the Berlin government. German exports help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to Europe’s largest economy

Mrs. Annegret Crump-Karenbauer Minister of Defense of Germany Travel to Wilhelmshaven Harbor To watch the Battleship Bayern leave shore for a 7-month voyage, heading for Australia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

The Battleship Bayern is expected to cross the South China Sea in mid-December. It became the first German warship to sail through the region since 2002.

“We want to respect existing laws. Sea routes can be navigated freely. open society to be protected and fair trade,” Ms Kramp-Karenbauer said.

Several countries include England, France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Expanding activities in the Pacific to counter Chinese influence as well.

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