Germany summons 8,000 people for revaccination After seeing the nurse inject saline instead.

Germany summons 8,000 people for revaccination After seeing the nurse injecting saline instead of the vaccine

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CNN reported that health officials at the Roffhausen Center. Friesland northern germany germany Contacted thousands of people to vaccinate again. After the police investigated, it was found that One nurse switched and injected the people with saline.

Nurse in Germany suspected of replacing Covid vaccines with saline solution |  Coronavirus |  The Guardian

Sven Ambrose, Friesland local councilor rural area in northern Germany Post a message on your personal facebook page saying Very shocked by the news that happened. Officials are now calling more than 8,600 people who are expected to be affected to return for testing and vaccinations.

German police probe nurse who swopped Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for saline solution, Europe News &  Top Stories - The Straits Times

Although the saline solution is not harmful to the injector. But according to the report, the people involved in the incident were those who vaccinated between March 5 and April 20, who were mostly elderly and at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Vaccine doses increase, COVID cases decline |  Alert |

Peter Bier, the police officer in charge of the case, said a witness testified that the suspect nurse have concerns about vaccines She previously posted a message about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

An investigation revealed the motives of the suspects. as an anti-vaccination The nurse has now declined to testify. The case has been referred to a special crime investigation unit.

The results of the investigation came as German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged unvaccinated citizens. Get vaccinated to prevent a new wave of mutants. Delta species


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