Girl sues Prince Andrew Raped at 17 It’s time to make amends – fresh news

Girl filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew – AP reports that 38-year-old Virginia Jufre, the woman who debuted Prince Andrew rape her Since she was 17, she has officially filed a lawsuit against the British prince. At Manhattan Federal Court, New York City, USA

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Virginia Jufrey’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in the same court that notorious American financier Jeffrey Epstein. He was charged with prostitution of several women for high-end customers. But while waiting for the trial court Mr Epsteinqing committed suicide in August. 2019 at the age of 66 years

FILE PHOTO: Ms Virginia Giuffre launches charges against Prince Andrew on Aug. 27, 2019 – In this Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019 file photo, Virginia Giuffre, sued Prince Andrew saying he sexually assaulted her when she was. 17. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)

Jufry has repeatedly accused Epstein and Prince Andrew. But this is the first time a woman has directly filed a lawsuit against a British prince. and increasing social pressure on the prince even more Although the court process may not reach

Jufei’s statement said he wanted Prince Andrew to bear the consequences of what he had done to him.

FILE – Britain’s Prince Andrew , April 11, 2021. (Steve Parsons/Pool Photo via AP, File)

“The rich and powerful must not be spared from their karma. It will be seen that it is possible that we will not have to endure the suppression and fear. but calling people’s lives Come back by speaking out and demanding justice,” Jufry said.

The girl also said Did not make this superficial decision. but meditate carefully

“As a mother and as a wife Family comes first. I know that this will be attacked by Prince Andrew and his agents. But I also know that if not do this I will disappoint victims everywhere.”

Lawyers for Giuffre filed the lawsuit in Manhattan federal court. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)

long ago Ms Jufree revealed that at the age of 17, she was Mrs. Gislen Maxwell, a high society woman who used to be a lover of Mr. Epstein. Selected for him to satisfy Mr. Epstein’s eroticism. including Prince Andrew both in London of England and New York City in the United States

Prince Andrew He gave an interview to the BBC’s News Night program at the end of 2019, insisting that He had no relationship with Ms Jufre, and “it never happened.”

Prince Andrew Jufre at age 17 and Mrs Maxwell At a house in Mayfair, London

that interview causing Prince Andrew to be criticized He had no sympathy for Mr Epstein’s victims. and after The prince ended all his duties.

The complaint that Jufree filed with the court this time. Relying on the Child Victims Act, 2019, which allows victims to prosecute abusers from a young age. without limiting how much time has passed Victims can also claim damages and compensation.

FILE – Britain’s Prince Andrew stands inside St. George’s Chapel during the funeral of his father, Prince Philip, at Windsor Castle, Windsor, England, Saturday April 17, 2021. (Yui Mok/Pool via AP, File)

Jufry said he was hit by three powerful people. is Mr Epstein Mrs Maxwell and Prince Andrew Forced to have sex with Prince Andrew without self-will Prince Andrew is also known to be under 18 through communication with Mr Epstein and Mrs Maxwell. but still transgressed for his desires.

Ms Maxwell, now 59, is being held without bail. After this woman fought the lawsuit that not prostitution with other female victims Ms Maxwell is scheduled to appear in court in November.


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