Global warming: extreme weather conditions How is it linked to climate change?

heat wave flash flood and severe forest fires These are the impacts people will face this year that are linked to climate change.

What is released by burning fossil fuels? or fossil fuels to store heat in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution As a result, the temperature rose by an average of 1.2 degrees Celsius.

This cumulative heat has resulted in the extreme weather conditions we have seen this year. and if carbon emissions are not reduced This vicious cycle will continue.

Here are 4 reasons why climate change causes extreme weather.

Fire-fighters tackle a wildfire near Athens

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1. The hotter the heat, the longer the heat wave.

Want to understand how a small change in average temperature can have a big impact? Think of a curve with hot and cold extremes on both sides, with the middle being the average temperature. A slight change in the midsection causes the curve to touch more extreme areas, so the heat waves encountered by some countries become more frequent and longer.

The UK Meteorological Agency said that The UK has been facing a heatwave that lasts twice as long in the past 50 years, but the west coast of Canada and the United States have been hit hard. Faced with unprecedented heat waves due to the heat dome.

in a high pressure area The hot air mass is pressed down and held in place. As a result, the temperature of the entire continent skyrocketed. in Lytton west coast of canada Temperatures reached 49.6 degrees Celsius, nearly 5 degrees Celsius more than the previous record, according to the World Weather Attribution Group, a severe heat wave like this that would hardly have happened had it not been for climate change. climate

How are weather extremes linked to climate change?


One theory attempts to explain this phenomenon as a result of rising temperatures in the Arctic causing jet streams, or strong winds, that move in the tropopause. (The demarcation line between the troposphere and the stratosphere) moves more slowly. making it more prone to heat domes

but this summer It’s not the only North America that has experienced this phenomenon. Russia, Northern Ireland. and Antarctica meets

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How are weather extremes linked to climate change?


2. An even heavier drought

When there is a heat wave that is heavier and longer than before The drought could be more severe.

When it rains during a heat wave there is less. The moisture on the ground and water bodies dries up faster. enough like this The ground heats up faster. making the hot air even heavier

These lead to water scarcity which is an important factor in livelihood and agriculture.

After experiencing a heat wave in the summer By mid-July, up to a quarter of the US area was facing severe drought.

How are weather extremes linked to climate change?


3. Severe wildfires

Climate change causes long-lasting, recurring heat, resulting in soil and trees deprived of moisture. This drought has fueled the rapid spread of wildfires.

An example to be seen is in the western region of Canada this summer. The wildfires spread so fast and intense that a specific weather system was created with the formation of pyrocumulonimbus clouds. These giant clouds cause lightning. and the lightning ignited more and more. Such events also occur in Siberia.

in the past few decades There are much more frequent large forest fires.

Climate Central, an independent organization of scientists and journalists, says the 40-square-mile (40-square-mile) wildfire has devastated the western United States. Occurring 7 times more often than in the 1970s

A volunteer stands by a wildfire near Marmaris, Turkey


4. It’s raining harder than before.

This year, record-breaking flooding hit China, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Peter Glek, a water expert at the US National Academy of Sciences, said that when more arid areas like Siberia or the western United States, It rained somewhere else instead. in a smaller area resulting in more severe flooding in Germany and Belgium

The weather around the world is constantly changing. But climate change will only exacerbate it.

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