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China is a country that emits a huge amount of carbon and is growing more and more than any other nation in the world. Experts agree that if China does not cut its carbon emissions, The world will not be able to solve the problem of climate change.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised that by 2030 China will limit its carbon emissions to historically high levels. and will control it to reach zero carbon emissions by 2060, but China has not given details on how to accomplish this.

Why does the world rely on China's success in solving climate problems? BBC

And while nations around the world are facing challenges from their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions. Instead, China faces even bigger challenges.

Compared to the carbon emissions of the Chinese population on a per capita basis They account for only about half of the US population. But China’s population of 1.4 billion and its enormous economic growth are the reasons why in 2006 China was the world’s most carbon-emitting country. And at present, China is a country that produces more than a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

must stop using coal

Many experts believe that reducing China’s carbon footprint is possible. but requires radical change While China has been a country that has been using coal as its primary source of energy for decades. And it is still using more and more coal. Although Xi Jinping had said he would “gradually reduce” coal use from 2026, many governments and advocacy groups saw China’s inadequacy.

Researcher at Tsinghua University in beijing It said China must completely phase out coal for electricity generation by 2050 and switch to nuclear and other renewable energy. Instead, China is gradually shutting down its coal-fired power plants. China has built more than 60 more across the country and in some areas has more than one new coal-fired power plant.

Why does the world rely on China's success in solving climate problems? BBC

Philip Sier of the Institute of Environment and Climatology in Paris said: Each of these new power plants will last 30-40 years if China really wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. It will have to reduce the power generation capacity of the new coal power plant. and must stop using the old power plant

Mr Ziere saw the possibility of improving the existing power plant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the technology to deal with power plants of the size being operated in China is still under development. while China argued that China has the right to do what all Western nations have done in the past. that is, economic development and poverty reduction. to be exchanged for carbon dioxide emissions into the earth’s atmosphere China is also investing in offshore coal power plants under the Belt and Road project. This seems to have reduced new investments to some extent.

China’s green technology

Researchers from Tsinghua University It states that by 2050, China’s energy resources should come from nuclear, about 90% and the rest is renewable. and to move forward towards that goal China is considered a leading country in green technology. whether it is the production of solar panels and large battery which should be of great help

Why does the world rely on China's success in solving climate problems? BBC

China originally turned to environmental technology to deal with air pollution. which is a big problem in many big cities But the Chinese government also believes that green technology is an economic opportunity. can create jobs for millions of Chinese people as well as reducing dependence on foreign oil and gas.

“China is now the mainstay of the world’s energy transition,” said Yu Chao of the China Overseas Development Institute. “One of the reasons is because we can use green technology that is becoming increasingly cheaper.”

China uses more solar energy than any other country in the world. It might not sound exciting compared to the entire population of China. But this also indicates where China is moving forward. and if looking at the use of wind energy China has also installed more wind power generation equipment than any other nation in the world since 2020. China says that by 2030 it will have around 25% of its non-coal energy resources, while many observers say it may do so sooner.

electric car

Why does the world rely on China's success in solving climate problems? BBC

China is the world’s seventh largest electric vehicle sales nation, but when compared to its population, China produces and buys more electric cars than any other country in the world. Currently, 1 in 20 cars traded in China are electric vehicles. China also aims to produce more than twice as many batteries as all other nations combined.

green earth

Why does the world rely on China's success in solving climate problems? BBC

Zero net emission reduction This does not mean that China will not emit greenhouse gases at all. Rather, it means reducing the amount as much as possible and finding a way to absorb the rest. which China has tried to do in many ways including growing plants to absorb carbon dioxide which now China is a country that can do better than other nations What China is doing is a reforestation project to reduce soil erosion and reduce pollution. Including the cultivation of agricultural crops that are harvested more than once a year, which allows the land to be covered with agricultural crops for a longer time.

Next step?

The world needs Chinese success.

“If China can’t cut its carbon emissions We cannot tackle climate change,” said Professor David Tayfield of the Lancaster Environment Center.

China flag and power station BBC

China has particular advantages in adhering to long-term strategies and large-scale investments. What will happen in the future may not be more important than it is today.


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