Google peut retrouver les appareils perdus même s’ils sont en mode hors ligne


Find your device is a service of Google It’s also available in the form of an app that does everything to locate and possibly block a lost Android device.

Google has been working on the service for over a year, and with the December 2022 Play system update, the company has revealed that it now uses a framework focused on: privacy It supports sending the last known location of Android devices.

The Mountain View giant has yet to make an official announcement, but details about the service have surfaced, suggesting that the service’s launch and support for Fast Pair accessories is imminent.

Google is working on a solution similar to the one offered by Apple

Analysis of the latest build of Google Play Services,Expert Mishaal Rahman found some strings related to the Find My Device service. This reveals the ability to monitor Android devices even when they are not connected to the internet.

The device’s last known offline location is encrypted and stored securely on Google servers. To access your location data, you’ll need to enter the Google Account password or phone screen unlock code linked to your lost device.

Currently, the service only tracks Fast Pair-enabled accessories as long as they’re connected to your phone, but later this year, Google plans to include Fast Pair accessories even if they’re disconnected.

When you use Find My Device, compatible accessories may broadcast encrypted location information to other nearby Android devices, which may then be broadcast to Google’s servers.

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