Google corrects accidental freezing of pixels with the latest update


Pixels XL and Google phone debut with strong criticism, but not everything is perfect because. There is a problem as well as quality control. Case in point – some Smartphone have been freezing randomly, requiring full reboot to solve the problem. Fortunately, Google has just released a new update of OTA “needs to address many issues that are released on freezing.”

Community Administrator of Google has released a correction in the user community but does not sound 100% sure that the problem will completely dissolve. “The freezing and overall performance issue of the device can be caused by many different things, so keep this post with your individual experiences updated after June’s OTA accepting security,” he said.

The problem hit some houses for months

That said, most users seem to experience the same kind of problem. “My Pixel XL 128GB react is not a coincidence,” one said. “Not only did this happen during a particular program or use it during a particular task to run.” At that time, he adds, you can wait for the locked screen to be left off or the power restart, power switch.

Since Google has taken over design and has complete control over software without a typical third-party bloatware, that error seems strange. To be honest, the pixels and pixels of XL’s first generation of devices, so Google expects determination when new models come with this year’s mistake. The new OTA update improves pixel security, and needs to be extended to the device in the coming days.