Google Re-Authorizes Ads for Cryptocurrency Service Providers

Google allows cryptocurrency ads

The news was announced by the giant last June, and it took effect yesterday. Now, companies that “offer cryptocurrency exchange services and wallets” aimed at audiences in the United States can post ads on Google.

The press release details other conditions to be met for exchanges and wallets: they must be registered with FinCEN or a banking entity and comply with local and national regulatory requirements.

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Prohibition for DeFi and ICOs

Google specifies that some services are not allowed to advertise, including “initial coin offerings (ICO), decentralized finance protocols (DeFi), cryptocurrency lending services […] advertisements for cryptocurrencies carried by celebrities, non-custodial wallets. “

Cryptocurrency trading signal providers will also not be able to make use of Google’s new advertising policy, nor those who offer investment advice.

What effect on cryptocurrencies?

Google made the decision to stop all advertising for cryptocurrency services in June 2018, when the ICO craze was still in full swing. This change of direction is therefore an indicator that the sector has achieved a certain legitimacy in recent years.

It is difficult to predict what effect this change will have on cryptocurrencies. However, we can estimate that this new potential exposure could help attract new investors in the cryptocurrency sector.

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