Guinea monitors 155 high-risk groups to halt deadly coronavirus outbreak “Marburg virus”

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that Guinea’s authorities in West Africa It is monitoring a group of 155 people who may have been exposed to Marburg virus through contact and contact with a patient in the southeastern region of the country. which at this time the said patient has died.

Guinea’s health officials confirmed that The death was the first Marburg virus infection in West Africa. The authorities must urgently stop the spread of infection that may occur.

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Getty Images Marburg virus was first discovered in the German city of the same name in 1967. Why is Ebola continuing to spread? Why is the world more vulnerable to pandemics? A new strain of “yara virus” has been found with unique genetics in the world.

Marburg virus is a deadly pathogen that causes internal bleeding similar to the Ebola virus. It was first diagnosed in Marburg, Germany, in 1967, and a major outbreak that led to more than 200 deaths in Angola in 2005.

Fruit bats carry Marburg virus from animals to humans. through hunting and eating the meat of wild animals It can also be transmitted from person to person through contact or exchange of body secretions. causing a fever headache and muscle internal bleeding and vomit blood to death

There is currently no drug or vaccine available to treat and prevent this type of infection. Doctors can only advise patients to drink plenty of fluids and provide symptomatic supportive treatment. This will increase the chances of survival for more patients.

Coping with just ending Ebola This allows the Guinean authorities to respond quickly to new potential outbreaks.

Ms. Matchidizo Moat, WHO Regional Director of Africa, said: Marburg virus can spread rapidly. But Guinea’s health officials are now working to curb a potential outbreak. They are able to respond quickly to emergencies. because they just passed the Ebola fight. In an epidemic that occurred in the same region a few months ago

Gueckedou region in southeastern Guinea. which is the border with Sierra Leone and Liberia. It was the origin of the major Ebola outbreak in West Africa between 2014 and 2016, and it started sporadic again this year.

Georges Ki-Serbo, the WHO chief of staff in Guinea, confirmed that A second Marburg virus infection has not been found at this time. But four high-risk people and the remaining 151 high-risk groups have been quarantined at home. They are separated from their family members to be monitored for three weeks and have a daily doctor visit to monitor their condition.


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