Hackers Hit Game Of Thrones


A gang of hackers have announced that they’ve stolen confidential script for an anticipated Game of Thrones episode and other information from HBO’s office.

The gang claims it collected 1.5 terabytes of the firm info and has revealed few episodes of Room 104 and ballers online.
It also says that more data would be posted online “in a short time”.

HBO admitted having faced “cyber incident” in a report.

An email posted by Entertainment Weekly, the group of hackers claim they will provide more data in a trade for better broadcast.

Group threaten more attacks

“Hello everyone,” they posted. “The biggest crackdown of cyber space time has begun.”

They called on people to download the leaked data and said: “Whoever publicize well, we get an audience with him.”

The Reports revealed that the supposedly hijacked Game of Thrones script emerge from the fourth episode of (season 7), which presently is being televised.

Reporters have not yet exclusively confirmed that the group of hackers has obtained the data that they said to have hijacked.
HBO verify that a “cyber incident” have appeared to have caused an adjustment of data.

The company also said that. “Shortly after we started examining the incident and are working with the police force and international cybersecurity organizations.”

“Information security is a prime concern at HBO, and we assume our role and responsibility seriously to save guide information that is assigned to us.”

The chairman and chief executive Richard Plepler said the breach was “apparently upsetting, alarming, and embarrassing for everyone,” in an message to HBO staff.