Hawaii judge issues order to allow grandparents and other relatives to circumvent the travel ban


The Trump administration was ordered on Thursday by a federal judge in Hawaii to let the relations of the individuals in U.S. bypass the travel ban policy. The judge said that grandparents, aunts, grandchildren, uncles and other family relatives should be allowed into and out of the states.

Judge Derrick Watson issued an order on Thursday evening – Honolulu’s local time, the law prevents the Trump’s administration from stopping refugees having a charge by resettlement agency in the United States. This movement has a high potential of reviving the inflow of refugees this year.

Judge’s order – a victory for travel ban opponents

The opponents of the travel ban policy see the recent order as a victory. They had the vision and planned to increase the number and categories of person who could avoid the president’s policy. The Trump’s policy prohibits travelers from Muslim nations and puts a halt on the refugee resettlement policy.

The travel ban policy was issued on June 26 by the Supreme Court, but exempted travelers with rightful ties to an entity or an individual in the U.S. While the Supreme Court issued the order, it didn’t specify the set of people that fall into the category that is exempted.

However, advocates stepped out for legal actions following the implementation of the policy without a broad definition that would include grandchildren, grandparents, and others.

On the face of the push for refugee resettlement, the administration remains bent on the opinion that link to a resettlement agency would not meet the requirements to be free from the ban.