he claims he was kidnapped and runs away with $ 1 million in Bitcoin (BTC)

Fake kidnapping against real Bitcoin

The man in question, Andrés Jesús Dos Santos Hernández, was – officially – a financial advisor on behalf of his clients. In the course of his business, he had access to Binance accounts, on which Bitcoin was stored. These are the accounts that were recently emptied.

The news was reported in a publication by Venezuela’s Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CIPC), the equivalent of the FBI. The institution explains that Hernández allegedly claimed to have been kidnapped by criminals, who forced him to empty the accounts in question. He would have walked away with 23.66 BTC, or more than a million dollars in cryptocurrency.

The man would never have actually given financial advice to his clients, contenting himself with raising Bitcoin before taking the money back. The authorities invite anyone with information on the subject to contact them.

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Venezuela, land of cryptocurrency

In Venezuela, where inflation has reached catastrophic levels, cryptocurrencies are often seen as a safe haven. So it makes sense that criminals are turning to Bitcoin and altcoins as well.

The government had been trying to promote the use of its cryptocurrency, the Petro (PTR) since last year. But the lack of enthusiasm of the inhabitants for this asset then pushed for the creation of state structures to supervise other cryptocurrencies. A national exchange platform was thus created at the end of last year, after a mining pool that was supposed to bring miners back into the fold of the state.

According to a recent study by Chainalysis, Venezuela is placed in seventh place in the ranking of the countries that have adopted cryptocurrencies the most, after Nigeria and before the United States.

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