he sells a $ 19,000 CryptoPunk, while it was worth over $ 800,000

A CryptoPunk sold off following a seller’s mistake

There are some mistakes that make investors happy … And some sellers unhappy. But rarely does it cost so much. At the start of the week, the holder of NFT CryptoPunk 7,557 wanted to sell it, and he offered it on the OpenSea marketplace.

This is a fairly rare punk: only 55 of them wear a tiara. The last time such a CryptoPunk was sold, it got ripped off for 197 ETH, or roughly $ 843,000. Separately, Larva Labs had confirmed that the tiara punks were selling for 350 ETH, or roughly $ 1.5 million.

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A stupidity that costs a lot

We can therefore estimate without being too mistaken that the seller was rather relying on this type of sum. But if we look at the transaction, we see that CryptoPunk number 7,557 sold for 4,444 ETH, or $ 19,210 at the time of the sale.

What happened then? Did the seller stupidly use the wrong comma, and did he want to sell his punk for 444 4 ETH, or $ 1.9 million? Mystery. In any case, it has been a long time since a Cryptopunk had reached such a low price. Currently, these NFTs are snapped up between 100 and 170 ETH on OpenSea.

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