Heartbroken parents of stabbed seven year old Katie Rough reveal tribute tattoos


The devastated parents of the seven year old stabbed to death with a Stanley knife have revealed tattoos they have had in tribute to their daughter. Little Katie Rough was discovered with severe injuries on a grassy alley close to playing fields in an upmarket area of York.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and battled to save the schoolgirl, but she was pronounced dead in hospital. A 15 year old girl is currently being held at a youth detention centre after she was charged with murder and the possession of an offensive weapon.

Her heartbroken mother Alison has now posted her first status on Facebook following the tragic death of her daughter, describing Katie as “beautiful. sassy, kind and amazing”. She uploaded the poignant tribute along with an image of two arms, believed to be hers and Katie’s father Paul’s. Both have new tattoos. While hers is a simple design, saying “Katie,” Paul’s inking is believed to be one inspired by children’s author Dr Seuss.


Paul’s arm is inked with a poignant poem under Katie’s name and an image of the famous striped hat from Dr Seuss’ Cat in the Hat. The poem says: “Today you are You/ that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer that You.’ The rhyme is taken from the book Happy Birthday to You!’, by Dr Seuss.

Katie should have been celebrating her eighth birthday with her family and friends this week. Instead, hundreds of family, friends, well wishers and pupils at her school gathered close to the school she attended to release coloured balloons into the sky in a celebration of the little girl’s life. The gathered crowd sang Happy Birthday, while releasing balloons in a ceremony which was also attended by John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York.

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