Heavy Fog Causes Hazardous Conditions in London, Flights Delayed


Heavy fog settles over southern England causing hazardous conditions early Tuesday morning. Warnings were issued for drivers to stay off the roads and dozens of fights canceled across all London airports due to minimal visibility resulting in heavy traffic and hundreds of displaced passengers.

Pre-Holiday Flight Delays

A total of forty-five flights rescheduled at Heathrow airport today and another forty-three flights diverted in London City airport as of 9:00 am this morning.

Airport officials announced, “Adverse weather is causing delays and cancellations this morning.

Passengers are advised to check with the airline directly for flight info.” Other reports from Gatwick announced heavy delays while Stansted arranged two diversions from City airport to help remedy the situation.

Warnings for Travelers

Meanwhile on the ground, drivers are urged to take extreme precautions, drive slowly, and insure all headlights and driving aids are fully functional before attempting to drive through the fog this morning as sections of freezing fog caused visibility as low as 100 meters.

Announcements sent out by The Met Office qualified as a yellow warning, as much of the fog would remain in areas including East Anglia, the Midlands, as well as much of the south east area.

Emma Boorman, the Met Office weather forecaster explained, “There is a north-south split in the weather today, with rain from the Atlantic coming in heavy bursts in Scotland and Northern Ireland” that were expected to remain throughout the day.

A Gatwick spokesperson released a statement in which, “some arriving aircraft are subject to air traffic control restrictions, however this is not currently expected to have a significant impact on today’s schedule.”

British Airways also reached out to passengers explaining many of their flights would also be canceled as a result of the extreme fog.

Their spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience saying “We’re sorry that some of our customers’ travel plans have been affected due to thick fog at Heathrow, which has led to a reduction in the number of aircraft which can land each hour” offering refunds or rebooking of any affected passengers as a positive solution.

All travelers are recommended to keep up to date with their airline websites for new announcements and any changes which will be posted regularly.