High Latino turn out could give Clinton the edge


With just hours to go until the next president of the United States is announced, Democrat Hillary Clinton believes she could have edged it thanks to record Latino turnout.
With both Mrs Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump battling it out right up until the eleventh hour, opinion polls are showing the Democrat has nudged ahead.
Candidates have moved in the opinion polls in the last few weeks. When the FBI announced it was once again examining Mrs Clinton’s emails, her lead against Mr Trump in the polls halved.
Some polls even put Mr Trump slightly ahead. However, with a further letter from the FBI saying there is no case to answer, Mrs Clinton appears to have raced ahead once more.
An analysis of early voting numbers and demographics reveals that there is a record turnout among Latino voters.
It is believed that high numbers of Latino Americans have been moved to come out in favour of Mrs Clinton, loathe to accept Mr Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric.
However, there really isn’t much between the two candidates at all, and there is still the real possibility that the world will wake up to a shock on Wednesday morning.
A state-level poll is still indicating that there could be a number of potential paths to victory available to Mr Trump.
The 70-year-old Republican is hoping that the white working class will come out in force to vote for him because of anger over jobs and trades in what are traditionally Democratic manufacturing areas.
However, to win, Mr Trump would need to take victory in key battlegrounds, including Florida and North Carolina, which have high numbers of swing voters.
Not wanting to count its chickens before the day, Mrs Clinton’s camp has been pouring last-minute resources into campaigning in the industrial Midwest.
Both Mrs Clinton and the outgoing president Barack Obama have been holding last minute rallies in Michigan before heading onto Philadelphia where they will have the support of singing legend Bruce Springsteen.
Mr Trump is also concentrating his efforts on Michigan, which will be the last destination in his campaign, before he heads back home to New York where he will vote himself.
He has moved to criticise the FBI for its latest announcement, saying he finds it hard to believe they have analysed such a large number of emails in such a short space of time.

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