Horrible Shooting Takes Place At Fiamma Inc. In Florida Resulting In 5 Deaths


A horrible shooting took place in a workplace at Fiamma Inc., an awning manufacturer in Florida. Five people were killed by a recently fired colleague who came back and opened fire.

“My experience tells me that this individual made deliberate thought to do what he did today. He had a plan of action.” the sheriff said.

One of the causalities was Kevin Clark described as “generous, giving, polite and he was an extremely upstanding person.” Allan Saltman, his friend, said. “He was a warm and compassionate person.”

What happened?

Authorities reported that 45-year-old John Robert Neumann Jr. shot his victims before killing himself when he heard a siren approaching on Monday.

Fiamma Inc. fired Neumann in April for unrevealed reasons. Clark started to work there a couple of months before that.

“The fact that some moron would go and do this stuff to somebody who has been working there for six months and then kill four other people. It makes no sense.” Saltman said.

The five people who died are Robert Snyder, 69; Jeff Roberts, 57; Clark, 53; Kevin Lawson, 46; and Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44.

Fiamma asked everyone to remember, cherish and pray for the victims.

“The company is heartbroken following the unspeakable attack upon our loved ones and employees.” the company stated.

Clark Family

Pop Warner group started a fund-raising request on Tuesday for Clark’s kids, who lost their mother nine years ago.

Clark has two children who are now orphans. A 14-year-old daughter who was a cheerleader in the Lake Howell Pop Warner league and a son, 18, who played football in the league.

Clark loved taking pictures of his children’s games. The fundraising appeal noted that Clark was a supporter who “could often be found snapping pictures on the sideline during game days.”