Horrifying Rat Lungworm Disease On The Rise In Hawaii: ‘Like Someone Stuck An Ice Pick In My Collarbone’


The terrifying clinical description regarding the symptoms that surround the rat lungworm illness included: “severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, neck stiffness, seizures, and neurologic abnormalities”.


To understand the horrible issues surrounding the illness, you must hear it from someone who went through it, like a woman named Tricia Mynar, who has described her experience all over Hawaiian TV to raise societal awareness.

She started by saying the pain is similar to that of childbirth but “every day.”

“That was like eating ice cream compared to this,” Mynar said to KHON TV. “It was like someone stuck an ice pick in my collarbone, in my chest and in the back of my neck. The majority is in your head and the pain is just excruciating.”


After she initially contracted it, she said, “it was like people pushing needles in my back, pushing forward from my shoulder blades all the way to my lungs” and came out “the front of my chest,” she said to Maui News Now.

“I couldn’t sleep. I had to stand at my kitchen counter and put my hands on the counter to hold my body up. I literally slept two nights standing. I couldn’t have any type of wind touch my skin because my nerves were hypersensitive.”

Her feet were the next big pain. “It was like my nerve endings snapping in my feet. I was feeling like there was fire ants, hundreds of them, crawling on my feet … like a luau of fire-ants.”

Then her headaches began: more terrible than the absolute “worst migraine you could feel.”

“I would never want anyone to experience this.”

Thankfully, only some people do.

However the incident of angiostrongyliasis, which is nicknamed the “rat lungworm” sickness due to its origins has begun to rise in the state.