How to Care for Leather Boots


What kind of leather are your boots produced from, finished or unfinished leather? Finished leather is the most popular component in women’s footwear. Unfinished leather is typically only seen on work boots and must be treated separately from boots with finished leather.

Place a small amount of leather cleaner on the top of the leather boot. It is an excellent means to make use of leather cleaner for this test; when making use of water various kinds of leather of leathers are made hydrophobic and this will lead to a unconstructive impression of a finish.
General stains: try the household products if you do not have a leather cleaning solution. First, try making use of a damp sponge. Water does not hurt the leather. Apply the moist sponge into the stain. Allow it to dry and check. If this does not work, try baby wipes. Rub the stained areas and let dry.

Water stains: Allow your soaked boots to dry naturally and slowly. If you have a pair of boot trees, put them into your boots and allow it to dry. Waded up paper towel or Clean white rags can substitute. This will absorb the moisture and assist your boots maintain their shape. Restore boot softness with a leather conditioner after they are dry and keep them away from heat.
Ink Stains: wipe off with a clean cloth after spraying the affected place with hairspray. Ink removal is complicated and may take expert cleaning for suitable removal.

Salt Stains: Mix one part water to three parts white vinegar. Moisten a clean towel with the vinegar/water solution and apply on affected areas. Let it dry. Make use of conditioner after drying.

Gum Stains: polish affected area with a plastic container filled with ice cubes to solidify the gum. Quietly get rid of the gum after it hardens. For any remaining gum, heat the gum with a hairdryer and polish it with a neat cloth.
Grease stains: dry excess grease with a neat cloth. Spray cornstarch or talcum powder on affected area. Wait for not less than four hours. After which clean the powder and apply conditioner if necessary.