Hunt for Pennsylvania State Trooper Shooter


Pennsylvania authorities have initiated a manhunt after state trooper Landon Weaver had been shot down by an armed man last night. The trooper had been shot while investigating a report regarding a violation of abuse.

According to the Pennsylvania police, Weaver had been shot and killed late afternoon at a house situated in Juniata Township.

Pennsylvania authorities took to social media in requesting for the whereabouts of Jason Robison, 32, who has been suspected to be the gunman. In the online post, he was considered as a man who is “armed and dangerous.”

A Deadly Pattern

Weaved had served with the Pennsylvania police force for around one year, and is the 97th trooper from the Pennsylvania police department to have been killed while serving in the line of duty.

Robison had apparently made somewhat provocative and intimidating remarks against the police, such as “The only good cop is a dead cop,” along with other hateful remarks on Facebook.

A Familiar Felon

Robison was not an unfamiliar suspect to the Pennsylvania Police Department, as he holds a criminal history and record with charges that go from assault to arson. The documents in court had shown that he has been arrested several times.

A widespread manhunt has been launched to find Robison, and the authorities have decided to speed up the efficiency of the hunt by being assisted with not only by officers on foot and in vehicles, but as well as an aerial search as helicopters have been tasked to search around the area for the suspect.

The scene of the trooper’s death has been blocked off by the authorities until the full extent of the investigation has been completed, and no further details have yet been released regarding the incident as the story is currently developing.