I strangled my baby to death, admits mother


    A mother had admitted that she strangled her newborn daughter to death after giving birth alone in her bedsit in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

    Thirty year old Lithuanian national Gintare Suminaite has denied murder, but admitted infanticide. She gave birth alone in the bathroom of the bedsit flat she was sharing with her partner at the time, while texting him.

    Her little girl, who was never named, was pronounced dead at the scene, while Suminaite was bluelighted to hospital after suffering severe blood loss during the birth. Even though she was bleeding very heavily, the mother did not call paramedics for hours because she was fearful about police coming to her home.

    According to the charge of infanticide, her balance of mind was diturbed as a result of not having fully recovered from the effects of giving birth. The tragic little girl was found dead in a baby bath, which had been covered with clothing.


    After she was discharged from hospital, Suminaite was arrested and has been held in HMP Bronzefield awaiting trial. Mr Justice Nichol has adjourned sentencing until January 23 while the probation service prepares reports. He has warned Suminaite that all sentencing options, including custody, are open. She sat, dressed in a purple sweatshirt, listening to the proceedings of the court, while a Lithuanian translator helped her to understand what was going on.

    At the time of the tragic death, Sussex Police confirmed that a baby girl had been confirmed dead at the scene and that her mother was rushed to hospital needing urgent medical treatment. In a statement officers said: “The baby was newborn, a few minutes old. Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the murder.”

    The maximum penalty for infanticide is life in jail. However, a non custodial sentence is usually the outcome, albeit subject to treatment or a hospital order.


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