I won’t sing for Trump, says Marie Osmond


Singer Marie Osmond has quashed rumours that she will be playing at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. The celebrity took to social media to say that while there had been speculation that she had volunteered to perform, she has no intention of doing so.

Ms Osmond said that she would not have performed, whoever had won the US election. She has previously performed at a number of inauguration ceremonies for previous American presidents, including for Ronald Reagan in 1981, along with her brother Donny.

While she says she generally stays out of politics, the 57 year old did say in an interview that the US needed to unite, and to support the president whether happy or sad at his election. She also said that the inauguration ceremony was the perfect time for the nation to come together despite differing views.

Celebrities who have refused

Ms Osmond is one of a number of celebrities who are understood to have refused to perform at the event, including Sir Elton John, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and the X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson. Ms Ferguson was booked to play. However, she cancelled when the President-elect’s team would not let her sing the anti racism song Strange Fruit. Her refusal comes as it has emerged that Mr Trump’s inauguration team have raised $90m for the ceremony, which is nearly as much as the amount raised for both of President Obama’s ceremonies put together.

It is understood that the Beach Boys may perform at the event on January 20, but they are believed to still be undecided. A spokesman for the band confirmed that they had been asked to perform but had not made a decision about whether they would do so and, if so, what they would sing. So far, the only person definitely said to be confirmed for the event is Jackie Evancho who was runner up on America’s Got Talent seven years ago.



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