Ibak, the sixth capital city in Afghanistan Taliban captures – soldiers retreat

IBAAC – On Aug. 9, AFP reported that Taliban forces had captured the city of Ibac. capital city of Samangan Province northern afghanistan It is the sixth capital city in the country. without a fight After the community elders pleaded with the authorities to protect the city from increasing violence. After weeks of clashes in the suburbs

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Samangan’s deputy governor Cefatullah Samangani said the government accepted and withdrew all forces from the city of Aibach. The Taliban were now in complete control. A spokesman for the Taliban confirmed that the city had also been seized.

On the same day, a Taliban spokesman said: The troops entered the city of Masari Sharif. The largest capital city in the north, Bleck Province and the backbone of government control over the region. But government officials said The Taliban exaggerated with clashes in the surrounding area

“The enemy is trying to distort people’s opinions. and causing concern to the civilian population with their propaganda,” said a statement from the police force in Blake province.

Atta Mohammad Noor, Governor of Bleck Province. and the former strongest warrior of the city of Masari Sharif vow to fight till the end Said to resist until the last drop of blood “I’d rather die with dignity than die in despair,” the warrior posted on Twitter.

The report stated that The loss of the city of Masari Sharif, which has a long history and economic center. will be a signal that The Afghan government has lost control over the country’s north. And there may be important questions about the future of the government.

The siege of Afghanistan’s sixth capital comes after the Taliban have taken five of them, including Sarang, the capital of Nimroz province. near the Iranian border On Friday, Aug. 6, then the city of Cheburgan. Jauzjan Province north of the country On Saturday 7 Aug.

Later, on Sunday, August 8, Kunduz, a strategic capital city in the province of Kunduz north of the country And most areas of the city of Sar-E Pul, Sar-E Pul province in the north of the country. Latest Monday, Aug. 9, Talucan, the capital of Takar province. north east

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