I’m so poor I can’t even buy food, says plastic surgery obsessed Jocelyn Wildenstein


Plastic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein says she is now so broke she can’t afford groceries. The American socialite says that her ex husband’s family trust has now cut her off from annual maintenance payments she was receiving.

Ms Wildenstein, nicknamed Catwoman because of the amount of cosmetic surgery she has received, has become infamous for her odd appearance following a large number of procedures. She split from billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein in 1999.

Up until now, she has always been thought of as one of the richest women in America, after she was awarded a $2.5 million divorce payment and $100 million annually in maintenance. However, Ms Wildenstein, 76, has now claimed that she has no income and cannot even pay for food after the Wildenstein family trust fund, where her payments were coming from, has dried up.

Court appearance

The revelation comes after Ms Wildenstein appeared in court in New York over allegations that she had attacked her fashion designer toyboy boyfriend Lloyd Klein with a scissors. Mr Klein has claimed that he has been keeping her recently but can no longer afford to do so. Ms Wildenstein married into one of the wealthiest families in the world in 1978. However, the couple split a decade later because the socialite found her husband in bed with a young Russian model.

Her husband then moved to France and claimed that he had no money at all, because all of the family cash was in the hands of his father. Eventually, Ms Wildenstein reached a settlement that the family would pay her $111,000 ever month. However, she says the payments have now totally halted and she has been left destitute.

Alec Wildenstein died eight years ago at the age of 67. His father Daniel had already died in 2001, which left Alec’s brother Guy as the head of the family’s art and racehorse businesses. However, Guy is facing tax evasion charges in France.


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