India’s Modi remains powerfully popular, says Pew poll


New Delhi, India – Nearly 9 out of 10 Indians have a positive view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and more than 66% are happy with the way he is leading the country, a Pew poll revealed, two years before his plunged into a general election.

The Bharatiya Janata Party coalition led by Modi won the biggest parliamentary majority in 30 years in a 2014 general election, and the survey by the US-based research Institute found that his ratings remain high.

Oppositions accused Prime Minister Modi for abating economic development and for neglecting to create the number of employment opportunities that can sustain the ever-increasing youths joining the workforce every month.

Critics blamed Modi

However, the Pew survey found that 88% of Indians held a positive view of Modi, a screen higher than 87% who offered him go ahead in 2015, just a year after he took control promising to transform the country to a stabilized economy.

Such high evaluations are uncommon for politicians three years into power in South Asian, where governments are more regularly impeached than retained as the citizens end up disappointed with unfulfilled campaign promises.

Modi’s positive rating is 31% higher than that of the leader of the key Confronting Congress party, Sonia Gandhi; and is 30 pts higher than that of her son, Rahul Gandhi, who may become the party leader.

The poll which was conducted in February and March, a couple of months after Modi’s sudden cancellation of the highest valued currency aimed at illegal wealth, but the aftermath was that the vast majority faced difficulty as money was drained out of the economy.

Modi argued that the policy was an attack on the rich concealing their wealth from taxation and said the revenue would go to the poor.

Indians are satisfied

A poorly implemented goods and services tax (GTS) which was introduced in July 2017 has also disrupted private businesses, many which are supporters of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

But the survey found that over 80% of those who participated in the poll said the economic conditions were improving, up 19% points since just before the 2014 general election. In total, seven out of 10 Indians are currently happy with the direction of the country.