Invictus Capital (ICAP), an all-in-one platform to diversify without worrying

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Invictus Capital, a platform to facilitate investment

The past three months have been intense to say the least in the cryptocurrency market. After a dazzling bullish first leg, Bitcoin (BTC) returned to seek a little below $ 30,000 at the end of July 2021. In less than three months, the queen of cryptocurrencies has already surpassed her all-time high, registering a new high at $ 67,270.

Among the investors in the sector, many are those who have wondered: should we buy Bitcoin or should we wait until it goes lower? Or, should we sell now or will it continue to rise higher? So many questions that end up creating knots in your brain.

Fortunately, there are investment solutions that have been proven and that allow their users to no longer worry about the volatility of market prices. This is the case with Invictus Capital, a platform offering a catalog of dynamic and diversifying investment funds for your portfolio.

“We have created a fair and inclusive investment platform by combining the skills of our blockchain engineers, machine learning experts, entrepreneurs and designers,” Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO of Invictus Capital.

Invictus Capital is a company founded in South Africa – whose name refers to the famous movie Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood. The team is made up of researchers, analysts, engineers and experts in the world of cryptocurrencies whose objective is to offer an ever more efficient, adaptive and secure product.

Despite the nearly 40% drop in Bitcoin in the second quarter of 2021, from around $ 58,000 in early April to $ 35,600 in late June, Invictus index funds have known stay the course. The average return of all seven Invictus funds remained up 9.85% over the same period, or an annualized return of 45.61%.

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An all-in-one tool to diversify your portfolio

Invictus Capital’s objective is to create a platform that is easy to use, ergonomic and accessible to all. With just $ 100, their clients have the flexibility to build a digital wallet, build it up at their convenience, and withdraw their funds whenever they want. To date, Invictus Capital looks after more than 18,000 investors in 150 countries and has nearly $ 140 million under management.

All of the investment funds offered by Invictus are a blockchain-based, tokenized index product. They are based on a “data science” algorithm designed to optimize performance. In addition, they are secured using blockchain technology.

Invictus Capital platform home page – Source: Invictus Capital website

Currently, Invictus offers 7 different investment products. We obviously find the Crypto20 (C20), an index fund offering exposure to 20 of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies on the market. But above all, the Crypto10 (C10), whose operation we have already presented before on Cryptoast. This is an improvement of its predecessor and is equipped with an intelligent algorithm allowing it to change its distribution according to market developments.

Another product concerns cryptocurrencies, it is Bitcoin Alpha (IBA). Its aim is to outperform BTC by relying on out-of-the-money put options as well as lending strategies.

Then, Invictus offers a venture capital type product: Hyperion VC (IHF). This is designed to provide token holders exposure to several innovative and promising projects evolving in the blockchain industry. Note that investing in the IHF is considered to be more risky than in the IBA, C20 or C10.

It is also possible to decorrelate from the volatility of digital assets by purchasing IML tokens, from the Margin Lending fund. With its annualized returns above 10%, this product is based on the lending of USD and dollar-backed stablecoins via suitable decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

Finally, the other two funds offered by Invictus will be closed for the next quarter to come. In particular, they allowed exposure to the metals market through gold and to innovative companies in the renewable energy sector.

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The roles of the ICAP tokens

The Invictus platform has a community token bearing the ICAP ticker. Its objective is to reward reckless investors and encourage them to promote the project.

Invictus users have the option of staking their fund tokens (eg C10) for as short as a month. In exchange, the platform pays out rewards in ICAP tokens.

In addition, Invictus has implemented a program called “buy and burn”. Every month, 10% of the income generated by the different investment products is used to buy ICAPs in secondary markets. Subsequently, these are burned and therefore left the circuit. This disinflationary mechanism makes it possible to lower the total quantity of ICAP available and in circulation on the markets.

In short, the more the number of people investing in Invictus funds increases, the higher the income generated and therefore, the more the amount of tokens burned too. This mechanism, linked to the use of the platform, helps the ICAP token price in the long term.

Finally, Invictus plans to develop a system of governance. This will allow ICAP token holders to contribute to the development of Invictus by participating in important choices, such as new products, fee changes, etc.

Our opinion on Invictus Capital products

The cryptocurrency market is renowned for its volatility, and its last few months have proven it to us again. Despite exponential growth over the past decade, short-term price changes have proven to be daunting and off-putting for some. As such, Invictus Capital’s solution seems to be a reasonable alternative for this investor profile.

In addition, the Invictus team is constantly trying to renew itself to stay abreast of new market trends. Their latest project is proof of this. The Yield Vault is an additional solution allowing users to put their digital assets to work. You just need to deposit them to start earning regular interest on them.

Yield Vault Invictus

Interest rates offered by the Invictus Capital Yield Vault – Source: Invictus Capital website

Of course, these returns are not the same as you might find on some decentralized protocols. However, the added value provided by Invictus lies mainly in the management of your cryptocurrencies and the risk associated with yield farming.

The same applies to the profitability of index funds based on cryptocurrencies, namely Crypto10, Crypto20 or Bitcoin Alpha. This is why this solution is very suitable for beginners or for cautious investors, not wishing to be directly exposed to the market and to the risk of losing everything, and not wishing to manage their allocation themselves.

Finally, any service involves its distribution, and this is calculated in management fees. They are obviously to be taken into consideration if you wish to invest in one of the Invictus funds. Invictus is very transparent on this subject and you can find all the details on the summary sheets for each product available directly on their website.

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