Japanese researchers discover new technique Dried house mouse sperm can be sent in an envelope or postcard.

A team of scientists from Japan’s Yamanashi University Discover a new, easy and low cost way. To send the sperm of the lab rats to another remote city. by using freeze-dried sperm (freeze-drying) to put in an envelope Or stick it on a regular postcard. Then send it to the postal service that people have been familiar with for a long time.

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Previously, samples of rat sperm were sent between teams of scientists in different cities or countries. It will be costly and difficult to prepare. Sperm samples are usually placed in glass vials and placed in liquid nitrogen tanks or freezers to keep the temperature low at all times.

In the event of an accident or unexpected disaster For example, an earthquake caused a glass bottle containing a sperm to break or a power outage caused the sperm in the freezer to thaw. would have lost precious samples of sperm and wasted the cost of shipping.

A research team led by Professor Ito Daiyu then subjected the sperm of Mus musculus to a freeze-drying process on a weighing paper used to weigh the material in a conventional laboratory. Then use 2 plastic sheets to cover the dry sperm on the paper again for safety.

This rat was born from freeze-dried sperm sent by regular mail.

The dried sperm obtained can be stored in a single book. which the research team calls this book “Sperm book” and can also be shipped to other cities or abroad. by pasting the dried sperm sample onto the postcard Or put it in a plain envelope for a cheap, traditional mailing.

Freeze-dried sperm samples were sent by mail. From the University of Tokyo Laboratory to Yamanashi University They are located 200 kilometers apart and take 2 days to deliver. The results showed that the sperm samples were not damaged. And when mixed with eggs at the end, it can give birth to healthy biceps as well.

The same team of researchers had previously succeeded. To give birth to biceps from frozen sperm in space

However, Prof Ito warned that The ease of this technique can be a double-edged sword. Because it is possible that the use of genetic material would be illegally shipped. Therefore, new rules should be enacted to regulate the mail delivery of sperm or DNA of organisms. and must suspend the use of this method for human sperm before especially in the treatment of infertility.


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