Joe Biden says “he does not regret” his decision to leave Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden firmly defended his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan on Monday, saying there would never have been a “good time to leave” the country.

“We had a clear vision of the risks, we anticipated all eventualities. But I have always promised the American people to be frank with you. The truth is, this all happened faster than we expected, ”Biden admitted in a White House speech.

The Biden administration has come under heavy criticism for its response to the rapid collapse of Afghanistan and the chaos of the evacuation operation of American personnel and Afghan nationals who have supported the United States over the past two decades. Evacuation flights were suspended on Monday after thousands of Afghans stormed the runway at Kabul International Airport in an attempt to flee the country.

“The American troops cannot and must not fight and die in a war that the Afghan forces are not ready to wage themselves”, hammered the American president, who repeated that he did not want to bequeath the Afghan war to his successor.

Referring in particular to the Vietnam War, the tenant of the White House stressed that he did not want to repeat “the mistakes we made in the past” either.

“The mistake of staying and fighting indefinitely in a conflict that is not in the national interest of the United States, of engaging in a civil war in a foreign country, of attempting to remake a country through deployments endless military forces of the American force, ”he explained.

Biden said he had ordered the deployment of 6,000 troops to help evacuate U.S. nationals and their Afghan allies from the country over the next few days, warning that any attack on U.S. forces by the Taliban would trigger a decisive armed response. from the United States.


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