Johnny Depp Reportedly Spent $3 Million in Fulfilling Hunter S. Thompson’s Wishes


Former managers for the renowned movie star Johnny Depp have stated that he spent a budget of $3 million by blasting the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson from a cannon, in order to fulfill his last wish.

Depp remarked on the matter by saying that “all I’m doing is trying to make sure his last wish comes true.” Depp added that all he wanted to do was send out his buddy the way he had requested to be sent out.

Writer Hunter S. Thompson and Depp have remained good friends for a long time until the writer’s death back in 2005.

Depp also played the role of his friend in the movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ back in 1998.

He Loves Explosions

Thompson committed suicide at the age of 67 by shooting himself, and had requested that he wants the ashes of his body to be scattered in an explosive manner.

Anita, the widow of the writer stated that “he loved explosions.” The details of such a ceremony had not been publicized until as of now.

Depp placed a cannon to the top of a tower that reached 47 meters that was situated on the writer’s farm in Colorado.

Other renowned actors attended this odd ceremony such as Sean Penn, Jack Nicholson, Benicio del Toro, and others.

A Pricy Ceremony

According to Depp’s former managers, this ceremony had served as a pivotal and large financial act that was carried out by the actor.

Last month Depp had filed a lawsuit against his former managers in which he claimed that they had mismanaged his finances and took out loans without his consent that eventually amounted up to $25 million.

The former managers then launched a countersuit on the actor in which they briefly detailed to Depp that they had updated him often on his finances.

The $3 million ceremony for Thompson served as just one of such financial acts that were costly, along with a yacht that he purchased that cost him $18 million, spending $30,000 each month for wine, and several more expenditures.