Kim Kardashian Advised By Family Not to Leave Kanye West


Rumors of the famous couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce are taking the media by storm. Recent allegations of Kris Jenner’s support towards the couple’s split have been denied however due to recent events leading to Kanye’s nervous break, the possibility for divorce is still to be determined.

Romantic History                                                                   

The couple were first married in May 2014 about a year prior to their first childs birth, North West. Since then they have welcomed another child, baby boy Saint West. The popular couple have been under close watch since recent events of Kanye’s out of character behavior during his tour, leading to hospitalization for several days.

Starmagazine’s alleged false headline reports: “Kris Tells [Kim Kardashian] Dump Kanye!”. Gossip Cop insider released a similarly incorrect statement on December 14 regarding Kim’s mother status on the issue, “While Kanye West was receiving psychiatric outpatient treatment for his breakdown, Kris Jenner had a heart-to-heart with daughter Kim Kardashian — and she didn’t mince words”.

Based on Gossip Cop’s reporting, the couple began experiencing problems prior to Kanye’s recent hospitalization. The release of yet another allegedly false statement infers “Kris has watched him become moodier and more erratic. Kris told [Kim Kardashian] she should divorce Kanye for her sake as well as the kids”.

Family Involvement                                             

Despite Kris Jenner’s rumored encouragement towards the divorce, Kim herself has been reported to deny all rumors stating she, “intents to stand by her man”.

Gossip Cop’s rumored source commented on the situation, stating, “[Kim Kardashian] thinks Kris is being heartless and a hypocrite…Her mom loved Kanye when he was paying for the parties, private planes, and pricey presents, but now that he’s having mental problems, she wants to abandon him?”

All such claims towards Kris’ opinion on the possible divorce have been reported as false, however the couple have remained quiet on the matter with no public responses falsifying a possible divorce to date.