Kim orders soldiers to speed up flood rescue Help the villagers to the fullest extent More than a thousand after sinking – fresh news

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered troops to mobilize troops Accelerate the flood relief mission for the people in full capacity in areas affected by heavy rain to finish amid the economic crisis and heavy flooding

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The Central Committee on Military Affairs held a meeting in South Hamgyong Province. In the east of the country to discuss damage and recovery from the heavy rain situation has relayed a statement.

Kim orders soldiers to speed up flood rescue

Mr Kim said at the meeting that military personnel had been rushed to start relief efforts and distribute necessary supplies to the victims.

KCNA did not report that. How is the damage caused by heavy rain? Instead, it published a video clip that was broadcast on the North Korean state broadcaster KCTV. More than 1,170 houses were completely flooded, with more than 1,170 houses destroyed, roads and bridges cut off.

Escaping the landslide rain - flooding the roof  aggravate the famine crisis


Thousands of hectares of arable land in South Hamgyong Province The eastern part was submerged as many river banks collapsed. As a result, a huge mass of water flows into the community.

The North’s Bureau of Meteorology said heavy rains would continue until Aug. 10 and affect the central and eastern areas.

North Korea

The Central Committee on Military Affairs announced emergency measures were taken. including rebuilding and repairing the affected areas. making the livelihoods of villagers safe Prevent the spread of COVID-19 and causing the least damage to economic crops

Earlier, several South Korean MPs said that last week North Korea has a demand for 1 million tons of rice because of the depleted emergency and military reserves.


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