Las Vegas Man Has Been Killed By Police Officers After They Perpetrated Violence Against Him


A man has died as police officers perpetrated violence against him on Sunday in Las Vegas; police officers shoot him with a stun gun and used a neck restraint to repress him during an attack outside a luxury hotel and casino.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stated that they are carrying out investigations into the violent incident. Neither the man killed nor the policemen mounted the attack has been identified.

ACLU condemns chokehold practices

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada were quick to state, “chokehold practices must stop.”

The executive director of the ACLU of Nevada Tod Story told NBC 3, condemning the use of violence lead by police, “Too many people have died as a result of this type of excessive force. And too many questions remain about the use of chokeholds by our police.”

The incident

It was reported that the man came into the Venetian Hotel “acting erratic” and told two uniformed policemen that there were people chasing him. Then the man rushed out of the hotel while policemen were talking to him. The officers followed him outside of the hotel when they saw him trying to open the tailgate and driver’s side door of a pickup truck.

One officer shot the man with a stun gun. Despite the fact that the stun gun affected the man right away, he kept quarrelling with the officers while they were attempting to subdue him.

Venetian security guards soon came onto the scene. As the attack mounted, one officer punched the man several times, then, he held lateral vascular neck restraint to subdue him.

The man was rendered unconscious that the officers performed CPR. He was taken to the Sun Trauma Center, where he passed away at 1:39 a.m.

Last week, Las Vegas police reported that use of violence by its officers had notably declined recently.

Last week Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said: “Our officers are trained to exhaust all of their options before resorting to the use of deadly force,” according to the Washington Post.