Lavinia Kelly, 33, Sent To Hospital And Diagnosed With Botulism After Purchasing Nacho Cheese From Gas Station Disperser


Sacramento County woman who purchased nacho cheese from a gas station dispenser has been sent to the Sutter Medical Center for almost a month after being diagnosed with botulism, a serious illness that can result in paralysis, moreover, she had breath difficulty.

Lavinia Kelly,33, is not able to speak or breathe on her own and has been her in an intensive care unit, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Speculations Over Similar Cases

Sacramento County health officials assert Kelly is not the only case diagnosed with botulism, as at least five cases were hospitalized after eating nacho cheese purchased from Valley Oak Food and Fuel in the Sacramento suburb of Walnut Grove, Sacramento County Health and Human Services Department said.

Health officials are investigating into the matter that there are tree potential cases and one suspected condition, the Sacramento Bee reports.

The health department notes that county officials stopped the selling operation at Valley Oak Food and Fuel on May 5.

Kelly’s family issued a civil lawsuit on Tuesday against Valley Oak Food and Fuel, claiming strict product liability and violation of implied warranty, Sacramento County Superior Court records reads.


Kelly was heading home after work on April 21, then, she stopped at the gas station for nachos. After eating the nacho-cheese sauce, she felt sick, her partner, Ricky Torres, told the Sacramento Bee.

By April 23, Kelly was not able to speak or breathe, court records reads. Torres took her to Sutter Medical Center, where is staying now, then she was sent to the intensive care unit.

The condition is severe as she also cannot see well so her family help her see either by using a tape to keep her eyes slightly open or lifting her eyelids.

“We just don’t understand why this happened over a bag of chips and nacho cheese,” Torres said. “Really? How does that happen?”