Lionel Messi will receive part of his salary as a fan token from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)

Lionel Messi receives tokens from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as welcome gift

Paris Saint-Germain just announced the news in a press release: Lionel Messi has received “a large number” of tokens from Paris Saint-Germain, PSG, as part of the “player welcome package”. The exact amount of digital tokens has not been revealed.

“The inclusion of the PSG $ Fan Chips in the player’s welcome package instantly links him to millions of Paris Saint-Germain fans around the world. This initiative further positions Paris Saint-Germain as one of the most innovative and avant-garde sports franchises in the world, ”said PSG.

According to the football club, this is a “world first for such a publicized signing”. The cryptocurrencies received by Lionel Messi add to an estimated annual salary of 41 million euros net per year.

The Argentine player has just abandoned his historic club, FC Barcelona, ​​to join the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain. The announcement of the signing had already given a boost during PSG. The price of PSG had thus taken + 106% in the space of three days.

Proposed by the Chiliz project (CHZ) Socios platform since 2018, the PSG is a token above all intended for fans of Paris Saint-Germain. Fans who hold the cryptocurrency can participate in decisions made by the football club. For example, PSG holders can choose a motivational message to display on the dressing room wall ahead of a key game or “club end-of-season award winners”.

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The price of PSG soars thanks to the arrival of Messi

Unsurprisingly, the announcement gave a boost during PSG. The token is now trading around $ 40, up 83% over one week, as of this writing. On August 10, the token’s price briefly climbed to $ 62. The digital token currently has a market capitalization of around $ 117 million.

“The hype surrounding the latest signings during the club’s summer transfer window created a huge wave of interest in PSG fan tokens, with trade volumes exceeding $ 1.2 billion in the days leading up to the transfer.” , details the press release from Paris Saint-Germain.

Note that Lionel Messi is not the only top athlete to receive compensation in cryptocurrency. For example, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has received token fans from JUV for every goal scored during his career.

In Canada, a basketball league offers to pay part of its players’ salaries in cryptocurrency. In the same vein, players of the Sacramento Kings NBA team are free to receive their salary in Bitcoin (BTC).

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