London Tube Strike Talks to Go Ahead


Tube strike talks aimed to avoid the industrial action scheduled for London are to go ahead on Saturday.  As thing stand, RMT union members and Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA), are due to strike for 24 hours, starting Sunday at 6pm local time.

Acas, the conciliation service said representatives from London Underground and the unions will attend.

The dispute centres on staffing numbers.

Transport for London (TfL) has said the majority of central London tube stations will be closed or at best limited services.

On Friday talks between all parties had broken down.  Mick Clash, of the RMT, said London Underground of “failing to come up with any serious plans to tackle the staffing and safety crisis”.

“Instead of resolving the issues Tube bosses have chosen instead to ramp up the rhetoric with threats to mobilise a strike-breaking army of ‘ambassadors’,” he said.

TSSA representative Mel Taylor, who was at the talks, said TfL’s proposals for increasing staff levels were “just not enough”.

“We’re now in a total crisis situation so there needs to be something fairly drastic immediately as well as a longer-term solution to staffing on the Tube”.

TfL said it would address issues highlighted in a recent report where the closure of ticket offices had caused issues for passengers.

London Underground’s chief operating officer said there was no need for the strike, as more workers were being employed.  He said, “All of this will ensure that our customers feel safe, fully supported and able to access the right assistance in our stations at all times.”

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, has told Tfl to work around the clock to try and reach settlement and avoid the strike.

He continued to say that progress had been made and to call the strike off.

As things stand, Monday, is a good day not to travel to London.

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